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Sample Partnership Agreement

Having been a Real Estate Investor since 1989 and having experienced tumultuous partnerships, I have learned that the best way to avoid potential conflict with partners is to have a well formulated partnership agreement in place before proceeding with the alliance.  A well-crafted partnership agreement serves to effectively address and resolve disputes, allocate responsibilities, and establish a comprehensive framework for addressing profits and losses. To ensure clarity and mitigate potential conflicts, our sample partnership agreement includes:

1. Clear outline of each partner’s capital contribution
2. Specification of each partner’s job title and responsibilities
3. Thorough delineation of each partner’s expert work or job duties
4. Concrete guidelines for dispute resolution
5. Explicit provisions for the removal of a partner
6. Mechanisms for compensating a partner who is being removed
7. Designation of the location for storing all legal and accounting documents
8. Detailed delineation of each partner’s financial responsibilities to the company
9. Comprehensive outline of the compensation structure for each partner

Partnership Agrement Poster

Documents to Managing Tenants

These 12 letters and Notices are the most commonly used for managing a residential property. Processes, procedures, and clear communication with residents are essential tools to ensure successful management of the property. The PDF attachment provides further details on these letters. In addition, it is imperative that every property owner keep impeccable records and proof of attempts to communicate with tenants in an effort to be transparent. These twelve letters and notices provide the evidence needed for future enforcement.

(1) Sample Rent Increase Letter
(2) Sample Late Rent Letter
(3) Sample Move In / Move Out Checklist
(4) Sample Return of Security Deposit Letter
(5) Sample Instruction of Lease Signing Letter
(6) Sample Letter Informing Tenants of New Ownership
(7) Sample Letter To Tenants On How To Prepare For Storm
(8) Sample Letter To Tenant for Notice of Lease Violation
(9) Sample Letter of Introduction to New Tenant
(10) Sample New Tenant Rules Letter
(11) Sample Extermination Notice to All Tenants
(12) Sample Notice of Limited Communication

Documents to Manage New Tenants

Guide to Rental Renovations

What are the Benefits of Guid to Rental Renovations?

Daniel Borrero, Jr. has been a real estate investor since 1989. He has perfected a streamlining system to make each apartment the best quality and ensure a lower tenant turnover rate simultaneously providing his contractors the list of material to enable them to provide an accurate estimate. This book will provide any real estate investor at any level the opportunity to have a more efficient and effective relationship with their contractors and increase the quality of renovations all while enhancing tenant satisfaction.

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-Select a List of Materials with a clear outline to be used for different property classes providing a straight-line system between your contractor and investor

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Sample Lease PDF

Did you know that the Lease Agreement is the most important legal document which binds two or more parties; often referred to as the “landlord” and “tenant”? A lease agreement typically contains details about the rules and requirements of residence for the tenant as well as the information involving the fees for residence. Explore this sample agreement as an expectation of how the landlord/tenant contractual relationship works.

Upon Order, you will receive a PDF Delivery of the Sample Lease.

Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only. Always consult with an attorney. This is not meant to be used as any legal advice or otherwise. Any projections, opinions, or assumptions are used only as an example only. All information should be independently verified and is subject to errors and omissions

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